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The Bored Life.

A New Stupid Story

Be nice and don't judge to harsh, or I might have to come after you! Ya hear?


There was a crack of lightning followed by an Earth-rattling rumble of thunder. What had Sophi gotten herself into? She clutched the knife in one hand and the ring in another. She opened her hand, palm facing upwards to look at the ring. It was a plain saphire ring, no diamonds, just carving all over the ring base. Another crack of thunder, Sophi clutched the rind to her chest. She couldn't let them find her, or they would get the ring and detroy humanity. She started running through the trees once more, luckily the thunder masked her ragged breathing. She had to think of somewhere to go and someone to trust. Her own mother had betrayed her, her own flesh and blood. Trying to offer her daughter as a sacrifice to her bloodthirsty god. Sophi lost her footing and tubled head first into a hole. She started to panick when she couldn't climb out. If hse couldn't get out, then they would find her. She tried desperately to claw her way out, but the mud wouldn't let her get a hold on the side, she even tried stabbing the knife into the side to hoist herself up, but that didn't work either. They were going to find her, kill her, and the world as she knew it would be lost forever. Was the a rustling in the trees. She bit her lip to keep herself from screaming. It was all over and it was all her fault. She looked up just as a crack of lightning lighted up a man's face she had never seen before. Without saying a word he juped down into the hole with her, picked her up by the waist and lifted her out like she weighed nothing. She turned to help him get out of the hole, but by the time she managed to, he was already out himself.The man stood up to his full height. Sophi knew he was taller than her five-nine frame, but she couldn't quiet tell how much taller. To her, he looked like a giant. He started throught the woods and Sophi figured that with him was the safest place she could think of. He moved swiftly like a predator hutning its prey. When he stopped and held his arm up for silence, she had to hold back a gasp.
To be continued...

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